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From time to time your child may need a referral to a medical specialist or a diagnostic test outside our office to further evaluate a medical condition. Depending on the nature of the referral your Cornerstone doctor will either provide you with contact information so you to call the specialist directly to schedule an appointment, ask our Referral Coordinator to help set up the appointment for you, or have the specialist’s office contact you directly to schedule.

If you schedule your own appointment, please call 919-460-0993 and select option “6” for the Referral Coordinator during office hours to let us know when your appointment is scheduled.

Our Referral Coordinator will ensure that we securely send only the information from your child’s medical record that the specialist will need to take the best care of your child. Please call as soon as your appointment is scheduled because we want to make sure the information arrives before the time of your appointment. This process can take several days,

If you have any questions about the referral process or if you haven’t heard from either our referral coordinator or the specialist’s office within a week of the referral being made, please call 919-460-0993 and leave a message for our Referral Coordinator. We want to make sure this process goes smoothly.

Below are listed some of our recommended specialists

Dentists You do not need to notify our referral coordinator for routine dental visits


Mental Health

Orthopedics Including Orthopedic Urgent Care

Adult Primary Care We see patients through their 21st birthday.

-Verify your insurance coverage when making your appointment-

Not all specialists require a referral, but if a referral is needed please call our referral coordinator at least 48 hours before your appointment at 919-460-0993

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