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Patient Education Resources

American Academy of Pediatrics https://www.aap.org

Cerebral Palsy https://www.cerebralpalsyguide.com/cerebral-palsy/

Dentistry Information

Patient Centered Medical Home: https://pcmh.ahrq.gov/page/defining-pcmh

Healthy Children (American Academy of Pediatrics)  https://www.healthychildren.org 

Kindergarten forms https://publichealth.nc.gov/wch/doc/aboutus/HAForm2016Revised-062917.pdf

Athletic Participation forms https://www.wcpss.net/Page/1465

Centers for Disease Control

Foreign Travel Information

2019 Vaccine Schedule – Birth to 6 Years of Age

2019 Vaccine Schedule (Spanish) – Birth to 6 Years of Age

2019 Vaccine Schedule – 7 to 18 Years of Age

2019 Vaccine Schedule (Spanish) – 7 to 8 Years of Age

2019 Vaccine Schedule – Adults

Free App for parents of new babies http://text4baby.org

Free App for follow baby’s development: https://www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/actearly/milestones-app.html

Back to School Guide: https://familylivingtoday.com/back-to-school-guide/

Child Safety: https://www.consumernotice.org/products/child-safety/

Medication Safety: https://www.safehome.org/resources/medication-safety-tips/

Teaching Your Children about Finances: https://www.forbes.com/sites/lizfrazierpeck/2017/06/28/how-to-teach-your-children-about-finances-at-any-age/#2c03625e46b2

Support Group – Parents of Suicide: http://www.pos-ffos.com/groups/pos.htm


Frequently Asked Questions

Are alternative immunization schedules safe?https://www.cornerstonepediatrics.org/underimmunizedchildren/

Staying Healthy

> Nutritional Needs of School-Age Children

> Kids Growth Network–Resource for Parents

> Healthy Lifestyles and Weight Control

> Food Guidelines and New Food Pyramid 

Help for Teens who want to be Vegan https://kidshealth.org/en/teens/vegetarian.html

> Health Site for kids, teens and parents

Things to do:






Dr. Parmar’s Blog

Take Action Against the Flu!

Prescription for Healthy Travel Abroad

Sleep Matters


Dr. Kocsis’s Blog: An Apple a Day Keeps the Doc Away 


Dr Kocsis’s Handouts

Acne Care


Natural treatments for ADHD

Nutrition for Teens

Sports Nutrition

Depression and Anxiety

Weight loss help

Nutrition for Toddlers and Picky Eaters

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