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Lactation Team

Take advantage of our free lactation services so you feel more comfortable and confident breastfeeding your baby!

Our Lactation Consultant, Savannah Pressley, BS, MS, IBCLC, is available for consultation in our office and by phone Monday through Friday during office hours. We’re here to support you through your breastfeeding journey!

Call 919-460-0993 to schedule a consultation

Bringing Baby Home

Preventing Fatigue/Exhaustion:
Ask for help; spouse, relative, neighbor
Sleep in bits and pieces
Get in bed early at night
Nap when baby naps
Take the phone off the hook when napping

Postpartum Blues: >50% experience this on third or fourth day


  • tearfulness
  • tiredness
  • sadness
  • difficulty in thinking clearly


  • acknowledge your feelings
  • discuss with spouse/friend
  • get adequate rest
  • get help (house work, baby, laundry)
  • renew contact with other people
  • try getting out of the house once per week

Your Baby’s First Check-up:

Lactation: breastfeeding help – latching, positioning, engorgement, milk supply, milk transfer, are all items that will be discussed.

  • Both mother and father should be present for this visit.
  • Bring in a diaper bag, blanket, nipple shields, nipple shells.
  • Bring your pump if you plan on needing this, especially if you will be going back to work.
  • Overall health will be checked, jaundice, wet and stool diapers, circumcision.
  • Any questions you have after leaving the hospital you can write down and we will be happy to address these at this visit.


Click here for more information about caring for your newborn.

Thank you for choosing Cornerstone Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine for your child’s care. We are here to aid you in caring for your baby. Welcome to our practice, we look forward to meeting your new bundle of joy!!


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