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Coronavirus Update 03.26.20

Dear Parents and Patients,

There is no greater priority to our entire Cornerstone Family than the safety of our patients and our staff.  As the current situation surrounding Coronavirus continues to rapidly evolve, we wanted to share with you some the actions we have taken to ensure a safe environment at Cornerstone for our patients and staff.  Please check back on our website (www.cornerstonepediatrics.org) and/or our facebook page for updates as changes to our policies may occur frequently.

  • Steering Committee: Cornerstone Peds is utilizing a Steering Committee to monitor the rapidly evolving recommendations and guidance from the NC State Health Department; Infections Communicable Disease Department and the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC).


  • Scheduling Changes, Effective March 23rd: All wellness visits and physical exams will be scheduled between 7:30am and 1:00pm.  All non-wellness visits will be scheduled between 2:00p and 5:00pm.  This will allow us to ensure that all rooms can be adequately turned over, disinfected and continue to provide our patients with access to healthcare services in a safe environment.
    • We will be cancelling our morning Walk-in clinics and the after-hours clinic for sick patients for the next several weeks, but same day sick appointments are available.


  • TeleMedicine Is Now Available: Our team members are now scheduling Telemedicine appointments for certain conditions.  Generally speaking any condition not requiring a physical examination may be able to utilize Telemedicine as an option.  Example of Appointment types include:
    • Pink Eye (3+ yrs old); ADHD Medication Check; Allergies; Behavioral Health; Constipation; Cough and cold; Fever (duration less than 3 days); Mental Health; etc.
    • We likely will not utilize Telemedicine for ear pain; sore throat; Wellness / Physical Examinations; Fever with duration over 4 days; etc.


  • Triaging All Calls and Visits: Cornerstone Peds will be asking EVERY patient whether or not they have traveled outside of the country in the past 30 days to an area that is known to have been significantly impacted by the Coronavirus or if a patient or family member has been exposed to someone that is known or suspected of having the Coronavirus.  Anyone answering affirmatively will speak to our triage nurse to determine if Cornerstone is the most effective setting to provide the best care for you.  You may be asked to wait in your car as the triage nurse and physician determine next steps.


  • Disinfecting Our Clinic: Cornerstone Peds has always utilized hospital-grade disinfectants in our lobbies, exam rooms and nursing stations.  In response to our current situation, we have purchased disinfectants that are approved by the EPA as disinfectants against Coronavirus.  We are cleaning our exam rooms, lobbies, nursing stations, and floors with these products.
    • We will continue to clean nursing stations between each patient
    • We will continue to clean Exam Rooms between each patient
    • Lobby areas and bathrooms will be cleaned regularly throughout the day
    • Use of bleach products, that are equally effective in killing the Coronavirus, will be used carefully to ensure that any of our respiratory compromised patients will be minimally affected.


  • Testing for Coronavirus: Cornerstone Peds will not be testing for the Coronavirus at this time. The decision to test is complicated and requires the appropriate personal  protective equipment and testing, both of which are in very short supply.  At this time we are recommending these patients to use our Telehealth services to discuss symptoms with their physicians to discuss next steps, which may include a referral to a diagnostic center.


  • Steps You Can Take To Assist Us:
    • Please call ahead of visiting us to schedule an appointment
    • Please limit the number of family members that will accompany the patient to the appointment to only one.  Only one parent will be allowed in the exam room, we will ask the other parent and/or family members to wait on their vehicle.
    • If the patient has an appointment and has a fever with cough and chest congestion, please call our office at 919.460.0993 and press #1 to schedule a Telemedicine appointment today.
    • If the patient has an appointment for a physical or a well visit, please ensure that the patient and the family member accompanying the patient is in good health.
    • Take the necessary precautions to protect yourself by washing your hands; maintain social distance of 6 feet; and minimize exposure to people who are sick.

If you’re concerned that you’ve been exposed or have a general question about Coronavirus please call the North Carolina COVID-19 Hotline @ 1-866-462-3821
24 hours, seven days a week

We apologize for any inconvenience these changes may cause and thank you for your patience and understanding as we work together to keep all of our patients and our direct and indirect community members safe.


Cornerstone Pediatrics’ Physicians, Providers, Leadership Team and Team Members







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