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Why You Should Still Wear a Mask

I’ve recently noticed less diligent mask-wearing and more frequent gathering in bars and restaurants among young adults. The number of new COVID-19 cases has dropped in some states as more and more people have been vaccinated.  Many young adults have been vaccinated for COVID-19 and many more have already had COVID-19. I don’t know if… Read more »

Everyday Local Hero!

Who is your everyday hero? At Cornerstone Pediatrics it’s our Practice Director, Rafael Otero! Thank you for all that you do everyday! https://carycitizen.news/2020/07/23/everyday-heroes-a-heart-for-healthcare/?fbclid=IwAR1CSLrD9TccSU-KM-NkVzDytnZ3TSE5dbNoURvuitauJyTNbDfL2OaV1yE   Read more »

Resource: Expectant Mom’s with Suspected COVID-19

Cornestone Pediatrics aims to be a resource for you during these tough times.  Here is information for expecting mothers who may have tested or are suspected positive for COVID-19. Based on current limited evidence, the Frequently Asked Questions below provide initial guidance for the management of infants born to mothers with confirmed and suspected COVID-19.… Read more »

***Telehealth available to all existing patients***

Effective immediately patients at Cornerstone Pediatrics will be able to schedule a Telehealth appointment with their provider.  Due to the COVID19 situation most insurance companies now allow Telehealth visits and may be waiving co-payments for these appointments.  Please remember, WE ARE HERE TO HELP! Read more »

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