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Travel Consultations

Are you planning international travel?  Parents traveling overseas with children should know the health risks and how to avoid them.  Please schedule a travel consultation with one of our physicians in advance to discuss these risks.

An estimated 1.9 million American children travel internationally each year, and the number is increasing.  In general, children face most of the same health risks as their parents, but the consequences can be more serious.  Some conditions can be difficult to recognize in children, especially in those who aren’t talking yet.  If you are planning to travel to another country with your kids, be familiar with the risks of travel to help them stay safe and healthy.

If possible, children should complete their routine childhood vaccines on the normal schedule before traveling overseas. However, if they must travel earlier, accelerated schedules are available for many vaccines. Some travel vaccines cannot be given to very young children, so it’s important to consult with one of our physicians as early as possible before travel.

For some destinations, it is suggested that you take a malaria prophylaxis by mouth, which must be administered beginning two weeks prior to departure.  Vaccines will also need to be administered in advance for adequate immunity to develop.  It is therefore, important that your travel consultation is performed a minimum of two to three weeks before your date of departure.

For certain areas in Africa and South America, we may recommend Yellow Fever vaccination, a vaccine we do not stock at Cornerstone Pediatrics.  We are happy to do the travel consultation, investigate whether the vaccine is required, and provide all other vaccines.

What can I expect to pay for a travel consultation?

Since travel consults are most often not covered by insurance carriers, we will collect in full for most of the services performed.  On the date of your consultation, you will be charged for an office visit and any necessary vaccinations.  The vaccinations you will need are dependent on the area you will be visiting and will be discussed in more detail by the physician.

Here’s what you can expect as out-of-pocket expenses:

  • Office Visit Fee:                 $140 to $207

(This fee will vary depending on the complexity of the consult and the amount of time the physician spends with you.  It will be an out-of-pocket expense)

  •  Typhoid Vaccination*: $135

(This vaccine is most often not covered by your insurance carrier & will be an out-of-pocket expense)

If your child is age 6 or older, they may be able to take the oral typhoid vaccine.  This would be prescribed by the provider, and would be paid for at the pharmacy according to your prescription drug coverage.

  • Other Necessary Vaccinations

(The charges for these vaccines vary, but are most often covered by your insurance carrier.  You will be responsible for any copayment or coinsurance applicable to these charges.)

 *Typhoid vaccination is only necessary for some travel destinations

 If you have insurance, you should be prepared to pay the office visit and the typhoid vaccine fees in their entirety, as well as any copayment and/or coinsurance for any vaccinations that we will be filing to insurance.

If you do not have insurance, you should be prepared to pay for all services in full at the time the travel consultation is performed.

Please be advised that the information above is based on our experience with multiple insurance carriers over a period of time.  Because there are many insurance carriers and many different plans offered by those insurance carriers, it is impossible for Cornerstone Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine to know how your particular carrier and plan will process a specific claim.  We file insurance claims as a service to our patients.  You may receive a statement from our office after the claim has either paid or denied asking you to pay a resulting balance from services not covered.

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