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Asthma Clinic

Cornerstone Pediatrics has developed an asthma management plan with our asthma patients in mind. We have set aside Tuesdays for our patients to schedule appointments for the Asthma Clinic where you will spend nearly an hour with Margaret, our Asthma Educator ,followed by a brief visit with one of our physicians. At these appointments we will review your asthma management plan, assess asthma control and lung function, and determine how often follow up visits may be needed in order to adjust the plan as your childs asthma changes.

Why are follow up appointments Important ?

Follow up appointments allow you to continue to learn about your childs asthma and treatment plan, including how his/her pattern of asthma symptoms are changing. It is also an opportunity to check on asthma control when your child is well. Are all of his/her symptoms and problems truly controlled? Are lung function tests remaining stable or improving?

Goals of asthma treatment

  • Minimal symptoms of problems between flares. The goal is none!
  • No limits in physical activities, including participation in exercise and sports
  • Fewer flares and easier control of new flares
  • Fewer absences from school and work
  • The ability to self manage asthma to the greatest extent possible, for the parent and patient
  • No side effects from asthma medicines

Let us help you and your child breathe easier. Call and make an appointment today.

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